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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber and methylene chloride poisoning

By hqt / April 9, 2021

Mr. Ma is 28 years old. He took a nap in the car in the afternoon, however,after 13 days he woke up, he was still dizzy and weak. The culprit turned out to be the dichloromethane he transported. It turned out that the gas storage equipment in the warehouse had leaked, and the workers did not notice. Mr. Ma was unconscious because of this. He was not found by the workers until the next day.

methylene chloride poisoning-1

Dichloromethane is a colorless, transparent and volatile liquid with a pungent fragrance, which has a stimulating effect on the respiratory system and central nervous system. Long-term exposure to these harmful gases makes the tissues toxic and hypoxic, resulting in hypoxia in the body. Mainly manifested as fatigue, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, slow movement, lethargy, and tingling sensation.

Mr. Ma’s symptoms are so severe mainly because he stayed in the environment for too long, which caused the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, which caused toxic encephalopathy and damaged the central nervous system. After comprehensive treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed for harmful gases. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can prevent and treat mental nervous system damage after poisoning, improve the patient’s central nervous system damage, promote patient recovery, reduce the incidence of patient sequelae, and have a high clinical therapeutic effect. Rehabilitation treatment is also an indispensable and important step. Rehabilitation is mainly aimed at dysfunction and can be carried out simultaneously with hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

methylene chloride poisoning-2

After 3 courses of hyperbaric oxygen and rehabilitation therapy for Mr. Ma, his movement, balance, and coordination have been significantly improved, and his daily life has not been affected, and he can even drive. The pony is still undergoing hyperbaric oxygen and rehabilitation treatment. It is believed that as the course of treatment increases, the pony can return to his original job and return to society.


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